To make a donation or to purchase a gift for family or friends, please email us, at the address below, with your contact details, making sure you include your address and telephone number. Be sure, also, to include details of exactly what donation you would like to make and whether it is a general donation or for a specific item, (e.g. for the purchase of a mattress).

If you wish to pay by cheque, please make it out to 'Direct Link' and send it to the address shown below. If you wish to pay by means of a standing order, please indicate this and we will send you the relevant form. Please indicate that you wish to Gift Aid your donation, if you are eligible. We will then send you a declaration form. If you are purchasing a gift for someone else, and would like to receive a card that you can give to them as their gift, please also let us know the name of the recipient and the name that you would like us to use for yourself. (e.g. To: Tom and Mary, From: Grandma and Grandad).

Sponsors and donors are kept informed about the progress of their donations.

If you have any questions, please e-mail us or ring us on the telephone number shown at the base of the page, and we will be very happy to answer your queries.

PRICE LIST FOR GIFTS OR DONATIONS (These prices are just a guide. Any amount, however small, will be so gratefully received)

Mattress £10
2 blankets    £10
2 mosquito nets £10
First Aid items £10 upwards
Kids' Kitchen food £10 upwards
Boarders' Kitchen food £10 upwards
Sanitary towels £10 upwards
Sponsorship of primary school child £15 per month
Sponsorship of secondary school child £35 per month
Art supplies £10 upwards
Teaching supplies
£10 upwards
Equipment for the disabled
£10 upwards
General donation
No amount is too small

Pam McGibbon
Founder and Trustee

Direct Link (SC020111)
47 Fountain Road
Bridge of Allan

Tel: +44 (0)7761 976102


  Let there be love shared among us. (Dave Bilborough 1979)